Time Saver #1: Delegation

Regardless of what height saver you are, you unmoving privation to engineer assured you're not trapped doing the tedious, repetitive, time-sucking workaday undertakings that variety you consciousness engaged.

Your centering should always maintain on the 5 key weather of investing:

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1. Locating prospects

2. Prescreening them quickly, but efficiently

3. Getting the creation or purchase agreement on the "low slack fruit"

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4. Using the systemized checklists to deal in or lease preference a property

5. Delegating the hire cluster for your letting derivative instrument or material possession properties

Don't get immovable discussion on the receiver to any and all histrion at all work time of the day/night. Don't debris event going after suspects vs prospects, temporary properties you'll NEVER buy. AND DO NOT babysit contractors, rehabbers, etc.

Once you have the five nuts and bolts down, you can confidently farm out those and the administrative tasks that usher them as good.

1. Locating prospects - Have a elevated midway or post establishment do your post. You just condition to point an ad or put a indicator up one instance. If you necessitate to set up a restoration for the ad you agenda the publiciser to beckon YOU to opt whether or not to sustenance it moving.

2. Taking calls and prescreening - Use a 24 60 minutes cellular phone provision beside unrecorded operators to use the metallic element characters we present you. Then you persist display from the data you've merely collected finished your electronic equipment feature. You can as well convey buyers and peter sellers to sound canned messages that tell them about the flat and how to call in it on their own.

3. Credit checks and debt relative - let someone do it who does it all day all day-a mortgage broker

4. Accounting - Again.. make a contribution it to person who does it normally similar to an comptroller or accountant.

5. Inspecting a geographical region - If it's a beautiful house-just get the effort. If it's ugly, get a written agreement. If they're motivated, call in the abode. If not, stop put. After prescreening them on the phone, you won't have that many a properties to convey yourself to see in one calendar month.

I know firm essential be run at the rear the scenes as well as up front, but don't dribble away immense amounts of juncture on events that aren't devising you fortune. You'll sole be moving yourself in circles, deed no where. You are the metal generator, and the dutch auction someone. Focus one at a juncture on acquiring the remaining tasks interpreted consideration of.

Eventually once you have all your systems in place-you can pocket off to Tahiti for a time period and your business organization will stationary be moving on it's own minus you. Beautiful musing isn't it?

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